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Bing Ads Rolls Out In-Market Audience Targeting to All Advertisers

Bing Ads is introducing a way for advertisers to target in-market audiences, which are groups of users who are most likely to buy.

This feature was previously made available last year as part of a pilot program, Bing Ads is now making it available to all advertisers.

Google AdWords introduced in-market audience targeting to its search campaigns in May of last year. So those who have used in-market audience targeting with AdWords before can now apply the same concepts to Bing Ads campaigns.

For those who have not worked with in-market audience targeting before, here is some background information on how it works.

Bing Ads will identify, using artificial intelligence, users who have shown purchase intent signals within certain categories. This can include people who have searched for, or clicked on ads and other content, related to the products being advertised in a particular campaign.

Those are the types of purchase intent signals Bing will use to identify who is most likely to buy certain types of products. That’s called an “in-market audience.”

Advertisers can then use in-market audience targeting to display ads specifically to those users in search results.

In testing, Bing says in-market audience targeting has led to click-through rates up to 28% higher, as well as 48% higher conversion rates.

In-market audience targeting is now available to all advertisers in the US. Users can get started using this new targeting capability by following the steps below:

  • Go to the Audiences tab in the Campaign page, click on Create association.
  • Select the ad group you want to associate and select In-market audiences under Ad group targeting.
  • Find the In-market Audiences you want to associate, select the targeting setting, and Save.
  • Use Audience Segmentation to view and compare the In-market Audiences performance lift of each audience against a common baseline of non-targeted users.
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Bing Ads Rolls Out In-Market Audience Targeting to All Advertisers

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