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Bing Ads Integrates With LiveRamp to Improve Custom Audiences Targeting

Bing Ads has integrated with LiveRamp, a provider of identity resolution services, to deliver “people-based search capabilities” in Bing Ads Custom Audiences.

This integration will allow Bing Ads Custom Audiences to target or retarget search ads at the individual level.

In plain English, what this means for search marketers is that they can distribute the same segments used for Google Customer Match to Bing Ads. This will give them the opportunity to lower their cost-per-acquisition while increasing conversion rates and ROI.

Jeff Smith, chief marketing officer of LiveRamp, states in a press release:

“In January of this year alone, the top four online search engines fielded 17.5 billion core search queries. While that’s a powerful pool for advertisers to dip into, historically they had to choose between Google Customer Match or Bing Ads Custom Audiences to improve campaign performance.”

Brian Utter, general manager of Bing Network and Demand for Microsoft, further emphasizes the benefits for search marketers.

“By integrating with LiveRamp, we will continue to deliver quality converting traffic for advertisers across our search properties, with the added benefit of cookie-based matching at the individual level to drive more relevant, more effective advertising. LiveRamp is a great partner, with their proven people-based marketing techniques and commitment to innovation.”

Existing Bing Ads customers interested in using Bing Ads Custom Audiences powered by LiveRamp can do so by logging into their Connect account, entering their Bing Ads Account information, and selecting their audience.

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Bing Ads Integrates With LiveRamp to Improve Custom Audiences Targeting

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