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Bing Adds Social Features to Mobile Search

Bing’s current position in the world of search is about as good as they could have hoped for when they re-branded back in 2009. Their strategic partnerships with Yahoo! and Facebook have both paid off, and Bing-run search engines now make up for between 22 and 30 percent of search (dependent on which study, month, and exact tracking method you use). As they continue to push against Google’s monolithic majority share, Bing is branding themselves as the “social search” site – using their Facebook partnership to great advantage. The June 8th updates to the Bing Mobile version have pushed several of those social features to the mobile platform.

Here’s a quick summary of what the new version includes:

  • A Facebook like option has been integrated with numerous additional areas of content for those using Bing Mobile. Users can now like local businesses, images, and iOS smartphone applications.
  • The News section of Bing Mobile has been updated, and users can now see mobile-optimized headlines for both top stories and individual categories.
  • Bing Maps for Mobile has been updated to allow for a “split view.” Previously, users had to select from either viewing the map or viewing a list of details (which could entail directions, local business details, or other data). Users can use the split view to have both on-screen simultaneously.
  • When conducting searches users will now be able to quickly access their search history and topics that are frequently searched, including top trends.

To use the new version users have to be using an HTML 5–capable browser. In the U.S., the primarily indicates iPhone, Android, and RIM compatibility. Users overseas can use any regional OS options that provide HTML 5, but not all features are available in all countries. Bing is working on rolling out new features, however, and a UK release of the revamped homepage, auto-suggestions, image searching, and directions coincided with the U.S. release of the social features listed above.

[via the Bing Blog]


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Bing Adds Social Features to Mobile Search

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