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Bing Adds Enhanced Auto Search

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Bing can’t survive in the market if it tries to compete with Google on every front. Luckily, it isn’t making a go at that. Rather, it’s focusing its areas of expertise in, working on innovation, user experience, and marketing pushes in only a few select areas. The most obvious of these are sports (especially football) and entertainment (especially television), but there are plenty of other items to add to this list: travel, shopping, map searches, and — most recently — automobile searches.

According to the post on the official Bing blog, Microsoft has added a full automotive search page for users. This page allows users to enter whatever starting data they would prefer for key-terms, then narrow down their results based on important vehicle information — including the trim of the auto, the location, the user ratings, how many miles per gallon it receives, etc. You can even quickly look at competing models that may be in line with your taste thanks to a “competitors” tab on this page.

Users will be able to see full listings directly from this page as well, viewing full statistics, pictures, and other details.  Users can even send a message to the dealer who’s selling the car to get going directly from the Bing search page. The Bing representative announcing the feature in the official video release stated that the ability to complete the process directly from Bing is part of a company philosophy they’re trying to implement across the board: that search features should be more task oriented, allowing users to both start and finish their to-do list items from a single location. Ironically, it’s this same sort of feature that has Google under fire (as with Hotpot), but no one has complained about Microsoft’s actions yet.

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Bing Adds Enhanced Auto Search

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