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Bing Adds a Destination Comparison in Travel Search

Bing may not have the biggest portion of the market (in fact, being generous, they have about 10%), but the group they have is fiercely loyal. Why? Is it the National Geographic images on the home page? Is it the dedicated loyalty to any Microsoft product? Is it how memorable the name “Bing” is? We think not. Rather, it’s all because Bing has done an excellent job at branding itself for several key niches. Furthering its position in the travel search niche, Bing has added a “destination comparison” tool.

Bing only introduced “destination pages” in the last few weeks, but their Bing blog is already excitedly discussing new user-end abilities to interact with the page. More specifically, users can compare various destinations by showing flights, weather, events, videos, attractions, hotels, and more for each, all in a sleek side-by-side display. The feature will also suggest new, similar comparisons for you to add in case you want to make your decision any more complex.

Want to do your own search? Here’s how:

  1. Go to the “Travel” page of Bing.
  2. Go to the “Destinations” section.
  3. Hover over the visual image display. A new “compare” option should appear.
  4. Click on the check-box next to “compare.”
  5. Rinse and repeat for any other possible destinations.
  6. Click the “Compare X items” button that has appeared in the top-right of your screen.

Bing’s feature update doesn’t end there, however. Aiming to make Bing the “travel search of choice” for users, Microsoft has added in an enhanced hotel information search in both the destination comparison and other travel sections of Bing. New information will include more images, detailed descriptions, user reviews, and more.

While Bing has fallen behind Google in most areas of the search engine battlefield, their search features continue to thrive; there’s no shame in doing your travel searches on Bing.

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Bing Adds a Destination Comparison in Travel Search

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