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Bill Slawski’s Search Engine Patent Marathon

Bill Slawski’s Search Engine Patent Marathon

Over on Cre8asite Forums one member asked if anyone know of a list of papers and patents related to search engines and SEO. The member said they were bored and needed a good reading list.

Little did they know that Cre8asite is the realm of Bill Slawski, aka. bragadocchio, who enjoys searching for, sifting through, and analyzing search engine patents as one of his many hobbies.

Bill, who has over 12,300 posts at Cre8asite, the majority of which are very well informed repsonses to forum member questions, answered his calling with the motherload of search engine patent papers. The patent filings range from early papers on PageRank and Citations to new info on search engine ranking relationships to geolocation and user search behavior.

Mr. Slawski’s List of Papers and Patents is available for reading at Cre8asite and I join Randfish in giving Bill kudos for listing the info on the Cre8asite Forums and not on his SEO by the SEA blog. The selfless action is an exchange of short term buzz and linkbating (well, I guess linking is long term) for long term reputation and credibility.

Oh yes, Bill and Fishkin are sitting on the Search Engine Strategies Search Algorithms and Patents Panel this month in New York along with John Glick of

Do not expect Bill to explain all of the patents and papers listed in the Cre8asite post, atleast not in the 20 minutes or so he’ll have to speak. I’m sure Rand and Glick will want to have their share of the spotlight too.

I do know however that Mr. Slawski does have a weakness for extra strong coffee, The Pixies, vintage books and cheese steaks … so any of the four may get you an hour or so of expert patent advice from Bragadocchio Sensei.

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Bill Slawski’s Search Engine Patent Marathon

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