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Bill Gates Admits “Google Kicked Our Butts”

At the World Economic Forum this week in Davos, Microsoft’s Bill Gates publically announced the drive behind MSN’s recent push to improve its search functionality and become an independent Internet search leader: “(Google) kicked our butts” reports:

The list of organizations that have put Microsoft in its place is short indeed, but it has grown by one member, and at the behest of no less that William H. Gates himself. The market is question is Internet search engines, and the new member is none other than

“[They] kicked our butts,” said Gates while speaking at the World Economic Forum, specifically referring to how’s Open Source roots have completely surpassed all of Microsoft’s attempts to insinuate itself into the Internet search engine business.

The Inquirer also reports:

Chief software architect Bill Gates told the World Economic Forum in Davos that Google “kicked our butts”, according to Associated Press.
Mr Gates is referring to the success of the Google search engine compared to Microsoft’s own search engine technology.

He also, apparently, acknowledged that Microsoft had misjudged just how successful open source software might be.

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Bill Gates Admits “Google Kicked Our Butts”

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