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Big Data Apps: The Ultimate in Conversion Optimization

Big data is all the rage right now. Companies like Amazon and Facebook are finding innovative ways to turn massive amounts of data into strategic marketing decisions. Based on the amount of news coverage big data gets these days and the investments organizations have been making (see below), it is clear that big data is not simply a buzzword that will be dead next year.

Full infographic can be found at Wikibon

With all the hype, it is important to start thinking about what this means for the non-Amazon’s of the world. As a search marketer, I work with clients that are still facing challenges in dealing with “small” data. And now they have to tackle big data?

Big Data Applications

And that is where big data applications (BDAs) come in. BDAs are Web-based apps that interpret and use enormous amounts of data to deliver intelligent results. Marketing BDAs are a gold mine for companies looking to make scalable, data driven adaptations to their websites in order to increase revenue. Believe it or not, you might actually use BDAs in your day to day.

Good news! For search marketers, many of us use bid management platforms like Marin or Acquisio, which leverage algorithms adept at dealing with a significant amount of data. Bid management tools have been a godsend not only in terms of increasing efficiencies, but also in merging data from multiple sources and making automated changes as a result of that newly married data. From a conversion optimization standpoint, the ROI impact is substantial.

In addition, there are already quite a few BDAs that will enable marketers to improve website conversions, especially for ecommerce. BloomReach harnesses the power of big data by, among other things, determining what content might be needed on an existing page to increase relevance for users with a specific intention. Runa leverages big data to deliver automated real-time offers depending on individual customer behavior. Seriously? Amazing.

Social media, SEO, and paid search marketing help to drive awareness, engagement, and traffic and will continue to play an increasingly integral role in digital marketing efforts. That said, BDAs are the future of digital marketing. Big data will not only elevate digital marketing strategies, but ultimately change the Internet user experience for the better.

Remember, the end goal from a marketer’s perspective is to generate revenue, but from a user’s perspective, you are simply connecting them to relevant products and information they care about. A win-win for all.

Author Bio

Rachel Andersen works for the Portland based digital marketing agency Anvil Media, Inc. She has expertise in all aspects of search engine marketing and specializes in SEO for large sites. Andersen has been responsible for the development and execution of countless search and social marketing campaigns over her time spent with Anvil.

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Big Data Apps: The Ultimate in Conversion Optimization

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