Beware of Trackback Submitter : WordPress Blog Spam

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Beware of Trackback Submitter : WordPress Blog Spam

Upon fixing the comment template and files here at Search Engine Journal today one of the first trackbacks to come in reminded me of the downside of having a popular WordPress blog with comments enabled; comment spam.

The comment spam reads as follows:

Search Engine Marketing

This comment was submitted automatically using Trackback Submitter. If you would like to submit comments to thousands of blogs yourself (so you may get indexed fast and get thousands of backlinks automatically), please see Trackback Submitter web for m…

Trackback by Trackback Submitter — 9/25/2006 @ 7:45 pm

The blog spam is from a company dubbed Trackback Submit and their website is at I’m not going to give these spammers (from IP the reward of a link to their site, but thought our readers might get a kick out of their marketing message:

You read some stories about webmasters making thousands of dollars per day and decide to become one of them. You spend a few hundreds of dollars for domain names and hosting, build your own website easily, get several backlinks, place Google AdSense ads or affiliate links and wait for visitors to come and make you the money. You wait for a few months and nothing happens ? website gets no more than a few hundreds of visitors per day and you make only cents. Needless to say, you are feeling frustrated. But don?t be, 99% of webmasters fail exactly like you. It does not mean they are dumb – they just don?t have the right tools. If you got the same problem, there is a solution!

If you own WordPress blog, beware of this company and their services. I would also recommend keeping a distance from their customers as well. Here’s a Trackback Spammer testimonial:

Hello and regards from Russia. I don?t have any AdSense website, but I?m running adult related websites and using affiliate program from AdultFriendFinder. I was making about 5 sales per week and was very happy about my results, but my older brother suggested to get Trackback Submitter. My adult websites make about 20-35 sales per week now. Honest ?Thank You? from happy webmaster.

Denis Z.

Any tips for cutting down on WordPress targeted comment nd trackback spamming? I use Akismet, but it seems to be letting in more trash day by day.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Loren Baker, Editor

    Thanks Jonathan, I’ll check it out. Guess Bad Behavior cuts down on bandwidth and spam ‘attacks’ too then?

  • Jason

    Can someone advice me how to stop this company customers spamming my blogs, please?

    These spammers just released another tool ( ) and I’m completely tired now – their customers spam not only my blogs now, but also my other websites.

    Please help!

  • search engine traffic

    I do not get it. If this product is so powerful as claimed, why then does his website have no backlinks in Google or Yahoo?

    Seems to me his product does not work anyway.

  • Dave

    This tool works in some different ways, that’s for sure. One of my old classmates ordered Trackback Submitter, his site still displays only several links on Yahoo, but he is laughing all the way to bank, because his earnings were increased SOMEHOW.

  • search engine ranking

    Ok here is something else both sites have NO page rank at all zip, zero.

    Am i missing something here?

  • Erling Ericsson

    I’d say more advanced artificial intelligence Forms are the way to go.. Atleast then you don’t have bots spamming your page.

  • Jason

    It has backlinks, tons of backlinks. Just see

    How the hell they got over 11.000 backlinks in 2 months!?

  • search engine placement

    Most of the links they have are from banner ads and other ads they have placed.

    Hate to say it but most all of those links you see are NOT from track backs.

  • John

    Askimet is keeping out 99%+ of the spam comments I get. But my stats (via Awstats) show large numbers of links coming in to my blog from spammers.

    This does not seem to hurt my blog other than to screw up the stats, but I still don’t like the tone of these sites ostensibly pointing to me.

    First, what’s their point? Second, is there any way I can block them without turning off trackbacks? Trackbacks are very useful to my site, when they’re legit.

  • Site de Rencontre Au Quebec

    I don’t like all those spams on my blogs, I waste alot of time just to delete them!


  • Michelle Greer

    It’s good to see these reviews. It seems like everyone is is looking for the next big thing now that paid links are dying, and I think we’ll stay away from this one.

    Michelle Greer

  • Adult Web Master Forum

    interesting, there was honour πŸ™‚

  • jamie

    You could always look at angsuman’s comment guard pro if you aren’t happy with akismet. I also use his translator which is just dandy!

  • AoC

    I just added that spam karma plugin, at least is eating now.. over 1,800 spams… πŸ™‚

  • Koala

    This application is really useless, if you use it Google will punish you and you will fall down…

  • Bryan

    Koala, you are so “experienced” and “smart”…. This is NOT spam tool. I use Trackback Submitter promoting my whitehat sites. I submit only less than 100 trackbacks per day and do it for months. And I clearly see higher traffic and better rankings.

    So those “gurus” who believe that Trackback Submitter will not help getting indexed well, should shout their mouths.

  • Utah SEO

    I think the real issue is relevancy. I think when programs leave unrelated comments on blogs that just makes the website look worse. Thus is someone wanted to use automation, they should remember to still try to benefit the websites that are being participated in.

  • Adsenseboy Victim

    Beware of Adsenseboy and his business tactics! Trackback Submitter is not working at all, though he doesn´t refund the money for several people that complained about that. He is a SCAM, feeling save in Lithuania. Rips off people. See the above website before you decide to buy his software.

  • aran

    i use the recaptcha wordpress plugin. works great!

  • bruce clay

    submitting tools always being spam as i experiences in my previous experience in search engine optimization.that kind of stuff we can do manually and it will not count as an spam.


  • Jeff

    All of our competitors apparently use blog spamming software like Trackback Submitter and it seems to work for them. Just a quick link check for the top ten results for “Beijing tour” show that most of those websites have nonsense links to hundreds of blogs. Hope a plug here for our website is not considered spam! πŸ™‚

  • SIA Training

    I am also a victim of this software..

  • Frank

    How can I block then?
    I would love to block all of this guys!

  • Aktien-Barometer

    I’ve installed the captcha plugin and have jet no spammer.

  • Joe

    Wow, I’m so impressed about these comments. I use many tools from AdSenseBoy and NEVER had a single problem! If you are too dumb using his software, then please write so, but don’t blame software publisher, OK?

    I’m sure that if you guys will buy a Ferrari without having any idea how to drive such a powerful car, you will start crying that Ferrari is crap… And you will look funny to other people, won’t you?

    So I suggest you reading user guide, contacting support desk (customer support is outstanding, you must admit it, even if you don’t like his software because of lack of experience) and start driving massive traffic to your sites using AdSenseBoy software.

    If you want to know, I have invested about $600 into AdSenseBoy software total, and it makes about $2000 per month for me. And you still say it does NOT work?

    So once again, stop blaming publisher and start learning what you have done wrong if you didn’t get the results expected.

    I am happy posting a positive review about AdsenseBoy, because his tools help me a lot, and I can’t simply look how you people write bad things about his software for no reason (I think many people who wrote comments never used his software at all). So let’s be fair, OK?

  • Gabriel

    Trackback Submitter was my first website promotion tool. I found Trackback Submitter website while searching Google for website promotion software and ordered it the same day. Oh, it was 3 years ago.

    It was working great – sites were being indexed fast, my earnings got multiplied in several weeks. If you are interested if I still use Trackback Submitter today, then answer is YES, I do. Sure, it can not be compared to version 1.0 (which was simple and had very few options to configure), and current version is enormously customizable, has tons of features (I use just about 40% of features, LOL), but one thing is very similar to the first version – it still works great!

    I have all other tools by AdSenseBoy, but I still like Trackback Submitter the best.

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  • Manish

    Nice conversation

  • WeaselSpleen

    AdSenseBoy is a colossal scammer. Frankly, if you give him your credit card information, you are a complete moron. Might as well hire Bernie Madoff to manage your retirement fund.
    Every one of these comments claiming they use his products were in fact posted by AdSenseBoy himself, as server logs have proven time and again.

  • Emanuele

    In my blog I use wp spam free plugin to avoid these as****es

  • Oystein

    Havent got much spam, maybe because aksimet takes 99% of it. I dont know it this software – or the guy behind it – is a scam or not but i dont think its fair to blame a guy cos he lives in Lithauania – thats just not relevant.

  • Colic Relief

    I am not really sure if aksimet actually filter trackbacks. Does it?!

  • Colic Relief

    I am not really sure if aksimet actually filter trackbacks. Does it?!

  • Kim

    what do you think about Siteduct Smartlink? is it a spam tool as well? I was told it can build links through pingback and trackback.