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Beware of Trackback Submitter : WordPress Blog Spam

Beware of Trackback Submitter : WordPress Blog Spam

Upon fixing the comment template and files here at Search Engine Journal today one of the first trackbacks to come in reminded me of the downside of having a popular WordPress blog with comments enabled; comment spam.

The comment spam reads as follows:

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This comment was submitted automatically using Trackback Submitter. If you would like to submit comments to thousands of blogs yourself (so you may get indexed fast and get thousands of backlinks automatically), please see Trackback Submitter web for m…

Trackback by Trackback Submitter — 9/25/2006 @ 7:45 pm

The blog spam is from a company dubbed Trackback Submit and their website is at I’m not going to give these spammers (from IP the reward of a link to their site, but thought our readers might get a kick out of their marketing message:

You read some stories about webmasters making thousands of dollars per day and decide to become one of them. You spend a few hundreds of dollars for domain names and hosting, build your own website easily, get several backlinks, place Google AdSense ads or affiliate links and wait for visitors to come and make you the money. You wait for a few months and nothing happens ? website gets no more than a few hundreds of visitors per day and you make only cents. Needless to say, you are feeling frustrated. But don?t be, 99% of webmasters fail exactly like you. It does not mean they are dumb – they just don?t have the right tools. If you got the same problem, there is a solution!

If you own WordPress blog, beware of this company and their services. I would also recommend keeping a distance from their customers as well. Here’s a Trackback Spammer testimonial:

Hello and regards from Russia. I don?t have any AdSense website, but I?m running adult related websites and using affiliate program from AdultFriendFinder. I was making about 5 sales per week and was very happy about my results, but my older brother suggested to get Trackback Submitter. My adult websites make about 20-35 sales per week now. Honest ?Thank You? from happy webmaster.

Denis Z.

Any tips for cutting down on WordPress targeted comment nd trackback spamming? I use Akismet, but it seems to be letting in more trash day by day.

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Beware of Trackback Submitter : WordPress Blog Spam

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