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Beta Search Engine iZito Supports Human Search Behavior

Beta Search Engine iZito Supports Human Search Behavior

Beta Search Engine iZito Supports Human Search Behavior

iZito has launched a new meta-search engine that makes searching on the Internet easier and quicker. iZito has developed a “rich user interface” (RUI) which searchers can use to organize, adjust and even ‘park’ search results for later viewing. iZito claims to be the first search engine that supports non-linear search behavior.

Recent research has shown that Internet search interactions never follow a linear search pattern of “search, screen, click and done”. Searchers often come back to the search results page and use this as a starting point and navigation console. The iZito interface is specifically designed to support this typical human search behaviour.

“With the iZito interface we have taken human search behaviour as a starting point and supported this with the newest technologies and concepts”, Hans van den Berg, one of the founders quotes. “A search engine has to adjust to the users’ search behaviour not vice-versa”.

The iZito search engine is available at and will be in beta for the upcoming three months. Feedback is much appreciated.


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