The Best Pinterest Place Pins Examples and Why Your Business Should Use Them

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After some unusual site activity last week including a period of network down time, Pinterest Business launched their new interactive map pins, or ‘Place Pins’. Designed specifically for travel enthusiasts, travel brands, and explorer-types, the new Place Pins form an interactive map style board showing Pins by location.

pinterest place pins notification

Screenshot taken: 25.11.13


Accessing the maps couldn’t be easier – Pinterest has placed a large dynamic banner on your Pinterest home feed. To create one however, you must have a Pinterest Business account.

There are a number of different features to the new Place Pins which I’ve detailed below.

The difference between Rich Pins and Place Pins

The size and interface of a Place Pin is entirely different to a Rich Pin. Rich Pins tend to sit ‘within’ the general format; Place Pins are an entirely different kettle of pins. Think of Place Pins as an upgraded version of Rich Pins.

Here’s a look at Place Pins on the interactive map-style board:

Pinterest map board

Screenshot taken: 25.11.13


Partnered Travel Organisations:

Pinterest announced a new partnership with brands such as Airbnb, Atlas Obscura,, Citysearch, Foursquare,,  and Jetsetter who will provide the majority of the sites Place Pins link too.  Additionally, you can link Place Pins to TripAdvisor pages although there hasn’t been an official statement from Pinterest regarding this in their latest blog.

What Place Pins do:

Place Pins give personal insights into destinations along with the ability to link to information pages about the places Pinned. So for example, if I am looking for Pins on Geneva, I find the map board ‘Tour Du Mont Blanc’:

pinterest 3

Screenshot taken: 25.11.13


I can locate their Geneva’s Place Pin distinguished by the location pin in the top right. I then click ‘Learn More’ on the location and I’m directed to a FourSquare page in this case:

Pinterest and FourSquare

Screenshot taken: 25.11.13


This has given me more insight into what activities I can do, the history of the place and other users’ photographs of locations I may have missed had I been using a guidebook.

Innovative Place Pin Examples

The great thing about Place Pins is the scope for individuality and creativity. One of my favorite examples is by WeddingWire whose Pinterest account I stumbled across while my sister was planning her wedding.

Their Place Pin board Getting Hitched Getaways is an escapists dream – fairy-tale wedding locations to tempt you into blowing your entire wedding budget just getting there!  Check it out below:

Pinterest 5

Screenshot taken: 25.11.13


For the foodies out there, Four Seasons have made a beautiful Gastronomic Travel board stuffed with some of the yummiest food from across the globe.  Currently, there only seems to be one restaurant in London worth checking out…but we’ll give them time to get acquainted with the new Place Pins. Here’s the only London restaurant so far:

Pinterest 6

Screenshot taken: 25.11.13


If I decide to repin or interact with any Place Pin on the board, I can see the location where I can get my hands on this cocktail for example:

Pinterest 7

Screenshot taken: 25.11.13


Definitely looks appealing!

Some Bugs

Currently, when you do a typical search within Pinterest, you can’t tell if your results are Place Pins or not. For me, this is a big faux pas. As the default search is ‘Search by Pin’ rather than ‘Search by Board’ I hope they iron this out soon.

Pinterest 8

Screenshot taken: 25.11.13


If you’re linking your business, place, or product to FourSquare, TripAdvisor, or an equivalent page – it’s essential it’s up to date. This will allow you to deal with any public comments and ensure that any added traffic from Pinterest can easily find information such as opening hours and contact information. Some pages haven’t yet checked which might get them in hot water later on…

Who is missing a trick?

Many local traders and online retailers haven’t started making full use of this kind of board yet. Which is too bad, because it has a huge potential to increase your exposure online.

County Councils

There’s huge scope for local county councils, boroughs and towns to begin utilizing these Pins to make dynamic town maps:

pinterest 10

Screenshot taken: 25.11.13


One of the best things about social media, is it allows you to become closer to the things you care about. Town websites and County Councils can build local map boards that contain local attractions, businesses, and annual events that will drive online interest and speak to specific groups of people.

Integration is key and Place Pins are a great place to start for those who have minimal online budget. Sync all Place Pin activity with a FourSquare account and then link that account with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social networks for an integrated approach to social networking that will have a positive impact on your SEO brand activity.

Online Retailers

Online retailers who operate ‘Click & Drop’ schemes can use Place Pins too. Take ASOS for example, who ship to around 190 countries internationally and use ASOS Collect+ boxes for those who cannot have their goods delivered to a street address.

Creating local or national map boards with interactive Place Pins synced with FourSquare will show customers exactly where they need to go to collect their prized ASOS goodies.

Post Offices & Libraries

Imagine being able to identify and influence a new audience on Pinterest, garner attention for your library’s amazing local mural, or even offer some brilliant customer service for people who need to post a letter? Utilize a Place Pin board and you’re well on your way to doing just that!

Franchises or Multi-Location Businesses

Whether you are a care home with a number of Communities such as Sunrise Senior Living, or a franchise like McDonald’s, people will want to know where you are and what you offer.

Using high quality picture content on Pinterest Place Pins makes each place seem more appealing and provides potential customers with the idea of ‘choice’ within a social network that can be hard to do on networks such as Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

Place Pins are a great addition to Pinterest Business and one I believe can be successful for a range of sectors. What do you think?

Let me know your opinions in the comments!

Sarah Bradley
Sarah Bradley is Head of Social Media for the Digital Marketing agency, Receptional based in Bedfordshire. Sarah is a specialist in social media campaigns, strategies and training. She is also a Twitter fiend, social networking nerd and an Instagram collector of cats.
Sarah Bradley
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  • Nancy Badillo

    Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for the great post! I was not aware Pinterest have a mapping location. I will need to start using this tips immediately.

    • Sarah Bradley

      Thanks for the comment Nancy!

      Pinterest Maps are pretty awesome, I have been having a play with them for a few weeks now and can see massive potential especially since they have partnered with FourSquare.


  • Ritu Singh

    Good post. Pinterest is improving their service on the Web and mobile to make it easier for users to plan trips and locate their content with a new mapping product. By using places pins users can see the location of businesses and other destinations and to get directions from one place to another.

    • Sarah Bradley

      Couldn’t agree more Ritu.

      What’s the best example you’ve seen so far?


  • Aditi Datta

    Hey Sarah!
    Thanks a lot for providing these tips. It’s really new to me. Though I have used Pinterest before and I like the pinning speciality but this mapping function is just new to me. I will surely use this for my business. Infact Pinterest has gained a lot of importance among women users due to its fashion related pins. I like using it after all. Keep updating more!

    • Sarah Bradley

      Thanks you Aditi, that’s lovely of you to say!

      The Place Pins give local businesses more traction on Pinterest now, so I see their popularity growing and growing. They are also pretty easy to set up so that’s a massive bonus.

      What’s your businesses board called? I’ll find you and follow you 🙂


  • Phil Stephens

    Great article Sarah (of course!). Pinterest is one of the really interesting social media tools at the moment, and I think this is a great development. Some excellent suggestions of who could be using it too!

    • Sarah Bradley

      Thanks Steve and Hello! I hope you’re well.

      I totally agree, it’s really piqued my interest (pun) again and I can’t wait to see where it goes in 2014.

      Happy New Year!