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Best of the Web Adds DMOZ Editors to Directory Team

Best of the Web Adds DMOZ Editors to Directory Team

Best of the Web ( has pulled off an Internet web site classification coup de etat, hiring over 30 of the top DMOZ editors which had built the foundations of the Netscape Open Directory Project during the ‘glory days’ of DMOZ.

The new Best of the Web team is a hand-picked squad, with many names well known in the directory industry. It includes 6 of the most active “metas” from the days ODP took its baby steps; laisha, kfander, furbis, mitch, kctipton, former DMOZ Admin bldarter, plus many other long-term editors well known for their active leadership and editing roles… robjones, compostannie, alucard, spectregunner, desertjules, and many more.

Known as “The Nerd Herd”, the new crew’s focus will be on architectural improvements and beefing up categories with additional relevant resources. The addition of so many of the players instrumental in building a well-known directory to prominence is a bold step toward helping Best of the Web reach out to meet new goals in size and quality.

Best of the Web CEO, Brian Prince commented :

“We have always been a bit obsessive about providing the user with the highest quality, relevant resources – whether that user is a surfer, a site owner, or a search spider. We’re excited to bring on a crew that shares the same commitment to quality.

Best of the Web told Search Engine Journal that providing users with quality resources that are relevant to their area of interest has always been at the core of BOTW’s mission.

The first two rounds of recruits will play an instrumental role in the future development of BOTW initiatives. While current efforts are focused on build out of the web directory and blog directory offerings, future projects will benefit as well.

“With their unique set of talents, we’ll be able to more effectively pursue additional opportunities” added Prince. “I fully anticipate the newest editors will have immediate and long term positive impact on everything that BOTW is, or will be involved with. BOTW’s future as a world leader in the categorization of quality, content-rich media depends on the extraordinary talents of our people. This crew will contribute a lot to our continued success.”

What are you waiting for? List your site(s) in Best of the Web today!

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Best of the Web Adds DMOZ Editors to Directory Team

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