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Best 2007 Search Conference Coverage in Photos : Close, Very Close

Not only do the bloggers who cover the search sessions keep us in tap on the happenings at SES, SMX and Pubcon, but so do the flashes and flickers of the cameras, which have somehow created some sort of internal cult of celebrity within the search industry.

I know that after my first few conferences, I found it quite weird to Flickr myself and see myself included in this group, but now I’m used to it. Heck, I even had one consulting client tell me that the photos they saw of me when Googling and Flickring my name led to them signing me.

I hope it was this photo :

And not this one 🙂

Li Evans, Tamar Weinberg, Lee Odden, Rebecca Kelley and ShoeMoney are some of the folks who are always snapping shots at these conferences and they all deserve their due (especially for their choices of what not to publish).

The Nominees were :

And the winner is …. man, this is close, I have never seen voting this close it’s almost a draw across the board! The winner is….. well, you decide!!

The winners are Tamar Weinberg, Rebecca Kelley, ShoeMoney AND the TopRank Team!! With Li Evans at a close second.

By close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, so if anyone wants to thoroughly crunch the numbers, or challenge this award, please list your thoughts on the winner in the comments below, but based on numbers, I’d be giving this award to Tamar, Rebecca, ShoeMoney, Lee and Li, but after taking creativity into account, and Rebecca’s SEOmoz Comics take the cake! Congrats Rebecca, keep on rolling and representing!

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Best 2007 Search Conference Coverage in Photos : Close, Very Close

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