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  3. SEO Shopping Search Engine Launches Shopping Search Engine Launches Shopping Search Engine Launches today announced the launch of a new 3.2 billion page shopping index and the introduction of product-focused spell checking.’s new index includes over 3.2 billion pages of shopping related information from more than 40 million web sites.

“This is a huge landmark for us,” said Yeogirl Yun, founder, chairman and CTO. “By focusing our web crawling capability on U.S. sites that provide product research and buying information, has created the most comprehensive search engine for online shoppers less than one-year into our technology development,” continued Yun. has also added a spell check feature to further help searchers find the most accurate information. This is the best spelling correction technology specifically designed for the needs of the online shopper. Everything from the dictionary to the computer algorithms is designed for superior performance on shopping-related searches. Such searches frequently contain brand names, model numbers and other terms missing from most dictionaries.

“Combining the new index with our cutting-edge AIR(TM) technology for ranking web pages, we can give users the best search experience for their shopping needs. This shows the ability of our vertical search strategy to produce the first disruptive technology in internet search since Google,” said Michael Yang, founder, president and CEO of

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