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  3. SEO Launches News Search Engine Launches News Search Engine, a search engine that helps people find product reviews and relevant buying information, today announced the launch of “News Search,” a feature designed to provide searchers with breaking news articles relevant to their shopping needs. If you recognize’s name, it’s probably because you’ve seen their crawler in your web analytics reports and/or you’ve heard of its founders Yeogirl Yun and Michael Yang (formerly of MySimon).

The news search is conducted automatically every time you enter a term into the research box. Links to relevant news articles are displayed directly below the search box in response to a search conducted on Links to news articles are displayed only when articles of interest to shoppers are available.

“’s News Search is the latest component of our service designed to help people make ideal buying decisions. By providing exceptionally relevant and up-to-date information combined with our index of more than 3 billion pages of shopping related content, we are helping people make more confident, better-informed purchases,” said Michael Yang, founder, President and CEO. “Not only do we want to help consumers make informed decisions, we also want to protect them. Product recalls happen daily and the News Search service is designed to build consumer awareness.”’s News Search technology scours hundreds of top U.S. news sources and uses sophisticated techniques to identify articles of interest to shoppers. News sources are scanned automatically every 10 minutes to update people with the most recent information available.

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