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Track Keywords & Brand Names in Comments: BackType Alerts

Track Keywords & Brand Names in Comments: BackType Alerts

Backtype, the web comment tracking service (where you’d better register to claim your comments and report fake comments) has a really nice feature that allows to monitor any keyword in a comment: Comment Alerts.

Basically, it sends you an email alert listing the comments where your phrase has been mentioned.

Here’s how it can be useful:

  • Monitor your reputation (personally answer all comments mentioning your company name);
  • Get more post ideas (Comments are the best source of cool story ideas);
  • Get additional help with keyword research (notice where your base terms are usually mentioned and which words tend to surround it).
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Let’s see how this works:

  • Login to BackType and click “Alerts” at the top of the page;
  • You should land at the dashboard where your future alert summaries will appear:

Backtype - dashboard

  • In the right-hand sidebar, type in your terms to track and set the email alert frequency: Once a day, Instantly (As they happen), Once a week, Never Dashboard only):

Backtype: create an alert

  • Depending on your settings you will now be receiving email alerts containing your search term:

Backtype - email alert


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