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b5media Launches (and Relaunches) 15 New Blogs

b5media Launches (and Relaunches) 15 New Blogs

Jeremy Wright, Darren Rowse, Duncan Riley and others like Aaron Brazell and Ingrid Diaz have been quite busy over at b5media with the launch of 15 new blogs (although a good number of them are relaunches of the AboutWeblogs network under the b5 name). Looks like b5media is going the Nick Denton Gawker route, accompanied by a bit of vertical integration, with the launch of a new mini-network of celebrity blogs.

CelebAmour is the hub of the mini-network with news and gossip on your favorite celebrities. Branching out from CelebArmour are specific blogs on these famous personalities such as The Hilton Files, Top Model Gossip, and MTV Reality World. Add the already existing b5media Desperate Housewives, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba and Hilary Duff blogs into the mix and all of the sudden b5media has a strong celebrity news network offering which should attract hordes of traffic over time (especially from teenage boys). Looks like b5media was paying attention to Nick Wilson’s post on Performancing about Building a Better Blog Network.

In addition to the celeb blogs launching under the b5media umbrella is also the relaunch of the AboutWeblogs network with their female oriented blogs ranging from topics such cosmetics to genetics. For more on the relauch, I suggest reading Jeremy’s post Welcome to Crazy Joe’s Blogporium!

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b5media Launches (and Relaunches) 15 New Blogs

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