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Automattic For Agencies: A New Way To Monetize WordPress

Automattic for Agencies offers a new way to earn revenues with WooCommerce, Jetpack, and other products

Automattic, the company behind, Jetpack, WooCommerce and more, have announced a new program to woo Agencies into their ecosystem of products with more ways to earn revenue.

This new program could be seen as putting Automattic into direct competition with closed source systems like Wix and Duda but there are clear differences between all three products and services.

Automattic For Agencies

Automattic for Agencies brings together multiple Automattic products into a single service with a dashboard for managing multiple client sites and billing. The program offers a unified locations for managing client sites as well as discounted pricing and revenue sharing opportunities. Aside from the benefits of streamlining the program also offers technical support across all of the Automattic products that are a part of the program. Lastly the program offers agencies managed security and performance improvements.

According to the announcement:

“We worry about site performance and security so you don’t have to. When you connect your sites to the Automattic for Agencies dashboard, you’ll receive instant notifications about updates and alerts, so your sites stay problem-free and your clients stay happy.”

Revenue Share And Discounts

Agencies can now earn a revenue share of the Automattic products used by clients. For example, agencies can earn a 50% revenue share on Jetpack product referrals, including renewals. As part of the program Jetpack also offers discounts on licenses, starting at 10% off for five licenses and to as high as 50% off for 100 licenses.

As part of the new program there are similar benefits for agencies that build or manage WooCommerce sites, with discounted agency pricing and a referral program, the managed WordPress hosting subsidiary of Automattic, is offering a 20% revenue share on new subscriptions and a 50% share on migrations from other hosts.

A tweet from described the new program:

“Agencies, we’ve got some news for you!

Our new referral program is live, and as a referrer of’s services, your agency will receive a 20% revenue share on new subscriptions and 50% on new migrations to from other hosting providers.”

New Directory For Agencies

A forthcoming benefit of the Autommatic For Agencies program is a business directory that lists agencies that are a part of the program. The benefit of the directory is presumably that it may lead to business referrals to the agencies.

The Jetpack announcement describes the new directory:

“Gain heightened visibility through multiple directory listings across Automattic’s business units. This increased exposure creates more opportunities for potential clients to find and engage with your services, helping you grow your agency’s reach and reputation.”

The WooCommerce announcement describes the directory like this:

“Expand your reach
Increase your visibility with partner directory listings across multiple Automattic brands.”

Automattic Affiliate Program

The Automattic for Agencies announcement follows the rollout of a separate affiliate program which offers up to 100% referral bonus for affiliates who refer new hosting clients, with a limit of $300 payout per item, and up to 50% referral bonus for Jetpack plugin subscriptions. The program has a 30 day cookie conversion period which provides affiliates the opportunity to earn referral bonuses on any additional sales within a 30 day period.

Read more about the new program:

Live the Suite Life With Automattic For Agencies

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Automattic For Agencies: A New Way To Monetize WordPress

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