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Automation and Paid Search – How To Adapt and Prosper [Podcast]


Our host Loren Baker talks with the Co-Founding CEO of Optmyzer, Frederick Vallaeys. He is also a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, author, and leading influencer in pay-per-click search marketing. As one of Google’s first 500 employees, he quickly established a reputation as a pioneer in PPC Marketing and as the company’s first AdWords Evangelist.

In this episode, Frederick shares his experience in working at Google, to his insights about the PPC space and the trend that are growing. He’ll talk about Optmyzer, how they won the US Search Award, how Automation and paid search works, and the secret to winning the Search Award.

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0:01 : Introduction

3:15 : How the Search Awards affected Optmyzer

4:58 : Frederick’s Background before Optmyzer

7:39 : Working at Google

9:00 : PPC Advertising, Affiliates, and Google Ads

13:16 : How automation works within Google Ads

15:00 : What Optimizers should reformulate

15:29 : Importance of sharing information for machine learning

16:05 : Conversion tracking and Automation

17:25 : Similar trends across platforms in terms of Facebook

20:00 : The trends that are growing on the PPC side that people should pay attention to

22:45 : Smart Shopping and Smart Campaigns

25:03 : How to get tremendous results in e-commerce

25:30 : The Search Awards

27:45 : How the Search Award helped Optmyzer’s clients

29:51 : How to win the Search Awards


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Automation and Paid Search – How To Adapt and Prosper [Podcast]

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