Richie Lauridsen

Richie Lauridsen

Senior Technical SEO Account Manager
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Richie is a Senior Technical SEO Account Manager at Seer Interactive, a digital marketing agency with offices in Philadelphia and San Diego.

With a savvy understanding of language and search, Richie grew to love the technical side of search marketing, gravitating toward crawls, audits, and the actionable insights that could help clients both big and small.

Richie is a proud graduate of the University of California, San Diego, where he studied Communications. After starting his career in Chicago, IL, he relocated to England where he earned his Master’s at the University of Birmingham.

Outside of the office, Richie spends his time following soccer leagues around the globe, reading about soccer, or even writing about the beautiful game. In addition, he’s been a member of the San Diego music scene as a drummer, guitarist, and DJ.