Senior Account Director at JumpFly
Senior Account Director at JumpFly


Nikki Kuhlman has been doing paid search for more than 17 years, almost since it's infancy. She's been with JumpFly for almost 15 years as an Account Director, and she and her team manage 65+ clients.

Ecommerce clients are her love - she started the feed management division at JumpFly in 2016 because she saw the need for companies to improve their feed data.

She's a big proponent of looking at her clients' overall marketing strategy, not just how paid search is performing.

Nikki is a certified Google Ads Shopping Guru, a Microsoft Champion (2018-2020), and was nominated as a Bing Trailblazer of the Year in 2018.

She's also a wife, mom to two teenage boys, an elected Library Board Trustee and on the board of a local philanthropic organization.

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Google Analytics, Google docs

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