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Brewco is putting AI to work to give SEO teams the knowledge and power to beat their competitors. The Market Brew platform is the only SEO platform with a search engine inside. The platform uses AI to configure the hidden layers of its own neural network to build an accurate model of how your target search engine ranks pages for any keyword.

These customized models show teams exactly where they need to work to gain the most ground on their competitors, and the AI analysis generates detailed recommendations on which actions to take. The platform can analyze sites and search engines in 88 different languages.

Teams can also accurately predict the impact of their changes on search rankings 2 months before they happen, allowing teams to both predict and track their results, and also avoid the risk of SEO downturns due to a site or nav bar redesign.

Brewco, Inc., is a joint venture between Market Brew, who has been leading in search engine modeling for more than 10 years, and a team with deep experience in SEO and AI for marketing. The company is advised by some of the most knowledgeable experts in the world of SEO. Brewco has offices in San Francisco, Cleveland, and Brisbane, Australia