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Brent Chaters is senior manager Marketing Strategy & Analytics at SapientNitro, where he works with multiple Fortune 500 clients where he focuses on establishing ROI and enterprise search.  The opinions expressed are his own and do not necessarily represent the views of Sapient. He is also the author of Mastering Search Analytics from O’Reilly, and is on twitter @BrentChaters.


I challenge you to think of creative ways to start to use your data to make better SEO decisions.  Data for search can come from...

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Social as a search signal has been very focused on the tweets/pluses/shares of a particular page and how that impacts rankings. Search as a social...

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I have spent the better part of my career dealing with enterprise level issues (both working in one and being an outside consultant).  While some...

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For a while now it’s been touted that 10% of searches are transactional in nature, while 80% are informational in nature and the remaining 10%...

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