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  3. SEO Buying’s Lexico Publishing Group Buying’s Lexico Publishing Group has announced that it will be purchasing the online reference network of Lexico Publishing Group, which owns and operates,, and

ask.comThe move marks one of the first by the new IAC homegrown Safka regime of, and CEO Jim Safka says that the Lexico properties are an excellent fit into the model, especially with “highly profitable, with high double-digit growth for a couple years.”

Truth be told, this is an impressive move by because,, and will fit perfectly into the 3D Blended Model of total information in search results, and if uses Lexico information in their Smart Answers, they are keeping searches within IAC / properties which are well respected across the web.

The acquisition should lift’s user numbers by 11%, to a total monthly visitor count of somewhere around 145 million [CNET]

Furthermore, Lexico has a thriving browser toolbar download business, especially with students, a market which has done a very fine job of monetizing.

All in all, despite not yet releasing the terms of the acquisition, a very intelligent move by and CEO Safka. I hope for more similar announcements to come out of the company.

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