Adds Health Smart Answers

SMS Text has introduced new Health Smart Answers which help searchers find trusted health and medical information faster. Smart Answers are special search results placed at the top of the results page that provide editorially-selected information as well as quick links to authoritative content (unlike the user generated and governered content provided by sites like Wikipedia or spammy ‘buy viagra’ style sites)., which usually works under third party partnerships or parent company IAC sites to provide such trusted content, has selected Healthline Networks & Revolution Health to provide medical definitions, images, links to reference materials and other data for the Health Smart Answers.

“With so many Americans looking for health information online, it is critical that search engines make it easy for people to get reliable and accurate information,” said Doug Leeds, vice president of product management at “Our new Health Smart Answers provide quick access to trusted information searchers are looking for, right at the top of the search results page. While other search engines require people to ‘hunt and peck’ through an ocean of web links, makes it easy to find the best information quickly.”

Here is an example, try searching for Oxycodone on and this Health Smart Answer will be served:


Google’s first results are AdWords listings for online pharmacies, same with MSN, Yahoo provides a Yahoo Health link as #1 and NO sponsored results (very responsible from Yahoo).

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Ryan

    Hey Man, those results are nothing new. They have been active ever since the release of Ask’s Morph and Edison algorithms.

    I work exclusively within the Health-Search industry, and find these results to be on the cutting edge of information delivery.

    Check it out! They serve Images and Videos on the RIGHT TOO!!! OMG!!!!

    …just joking.

    Good post, Just a little late.

  • Xavier

    This post is very informative. Thank you.

  • surprised

    because has been offering this for ages!

  • amin

    I’m a boy age 26 and I use minoxidile 5ml for stoping my hair loss. It shows some improvements but the Dr says to use TERTINOIN Simultaneously for more effective cure. Now what must I do?

  • Ansia

    Nice feature, I’ll check it soon. Thanks for the information!

  • Debbie

    my better hafe had a psa test done and it was 8.6.. and the altursound show a in larger porstate of7.6; does that mean its cancer he broke the world record is what his urgery said

  • carolyn martin

    chemo therapy starts monday. Pls, explain side effects. Only think me told hair will fall out.

  • C

    How long between exposure too herpes simplex 2 till a person has an out break? Is 3 years a possibility?

  • Carol Minor

    what are the longterm effects of being frostbit on your hands and feet what damages can occur later in life (ex. nerve damage or arthritis). please help me find out this is very important to me and my husband

  • lori


  • Judi

    Is silver a good mineral to take?

  • TLEE

    My Partner has been tested positive for herpes. I have been blood tested and panel as well and both were negative for me. She sincerely believes contracted from me. I have been blood tested every year and every test negative for all stds. She thinks as this her first time with another woman as I have given her herpes