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AskCity vs. Citysearch : IAC Local Search Properties

AskCity vs. Citysearch : IAC Local Search Properties

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There’s something of a dance going on between the new AskCity, which got huge amounts of coverage since launch a week or so ago, and IAC’s stalwart local brand Citysearch.

Here’s a press release out this morning, which points to the fact that Citysearch is supplying much of the content on Ask City. It’s a little bit of: “Hey, don’t forget about us . . .” Most interesting is this paragraph:

Citysearch provides deep content beyond that which is surfaced within AskCity, including information on the latest trends and recommendations, giving consumers the enhanced ability to explore the cities they live in and visit. In addition to providing four sources of content, Citysearch offers consumers featured programming, editorial lists and targeted newsletters recommending fun ideas, events and places to visit in all major cities nationwide. These editorial lists include monthly, seasonal and holiday features, which set it apart from the competition.

(my emphasis)

The relationship between Citysearch and Ask hasn’t changed really — Citysearch was the content source for the old Ask Local — except that the AskCity product is now a lot more impressive and useful.

Citysearch is a little bit of the “Rodney Dangerfield” of local search, having been around since the beginning and sometimes forgotten in all the coverage about G vs. Y vs. M vs. Yelp, et al.

It’s true that Citysearch has a range of content and features that don’t appear on AskCity. But the potential exists for the AskCity product to leave Citysearch behind over time if it takes off. Of course it all remains to be seen. But there’s tension and some awkwardness in the relative positioning of the two products and the release in a very interest way reflects that.

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AskCity vs. Citysearch : IAC Local Search Properties

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