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Ask Jeeves Updates Desktop Search

Ask Jeeves Updates Desktop Search

Ask Jeeves has updated its Desktop Search offering which it says will make it faster to find files on the computer, mail, and online. From the Ask Jeeves Blog :

Desktop search presents an interesting challenge, significantly different from Web search. In crawling files and emails we don’t have the benefit of leveraging the social network of the Web to determine relevance (at least not yet). Instead, most of the content you are searching for has a personal relevance factor and usually has a time component. You’re either looking for something over and over again or you need to find something from a long time ago.

New Ask Jeeves Desktop Search features include Folder Indexing Preferences, Improved PDF indexing, Email attachment name indexing, Improved Zip file indexing, Enhanced previews for Office files, Indexing of iTunes metadata (search by title, artist, album, genre, and year, Search term highlighting, Full Outlook Express support, Pause indexing (with new animated indexing graphic), and Writely document search ( Web-based word processing search).

Jee Sidlosky, General Manager of Desktop Search at Ask Jeeves is looking for feedback on the service from any AJDS users.

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Ask Jeeves Updates Desktop Search

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