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Ask Jeeves Translation Service & Word Tools

Ask Jeeves Translation Service & Word Tools

Ask Jeeves launched new language search tools this week in their continued effort to add quality content and ease of search satisfaction to (Ask Jeeves). The new language services include Page Translations, Dictionary Smart Answers, Synonyms and Audio Pronunciations for words.

Living the life of an International Search Engine Blogging Jet Lagged Playboy Husband, the Ask Jeeves Page Translation has caught my eye. Seems that Ask is planning some new search and site launches in Europe (I’d like to see integrated Web 2.0 features like Bloglines subscriptions in the Ask Jeeves search results like they use in Ask Japan) and this has led to an internal interest in translating Ask content for their international team, hence the new translation “codebreaker.”

From the Ask Jeeves Blog : “Page Translation is now available on Why haven’t we had it in the past? Because we didn’t have many foreign-language pages in our index. As we approach site launches in Europe next year, the index has taken on a more international flavor. Voila! We need a codebreaker for those who do not speak seven languages (like most of the folks on our international team). Look for the ‘Translate this page’ link.”

Ask gives the example of a search for Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, which includes a link to [Translate this page] next to the title in the search result :

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Ask Jeeves Translation Service & Word Tools

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