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Ask Jeeves Rumored to Launch Paid Search Network on August 1st

Ask Jeeves Rumored to Launch Paid Search Network on August 1st

Ask Jeeves is rumored to be launching a new Paid Search advertising interface on August 1st which will let advertisers purchase their own targeted search text ads on Ask Jeeves. Currently Ask Jeeves relies on Google AdWords advertising to fill the sponsored listings space, and also seels premier sponsored listings to larger advertisers who can buy a static pay per click placement for an extended period of time. The new advertising format is rumored to be similar to Yahoo Search Marketing and Google AdWords, where advertisers can purchase sponsored listings on demand for various search terms.

The Ask Jeeves contract with Google does not run out until 2007, so for the next two years the Ask Jeeves platform ads will probably coexist with Google AdWords ads until the two companies’ agreement expires. The Ask Jeeves search interface is also rumored to be similar to the Google AdWords interface with a minimum $.05 bid and it is not known if Ask Jeeves will offer such options as state by state geo-targeting or even country oriented targeting.

In an Associated Press interview with IAC’s (the owner of Ask Jeeves) Barry Diller earlier in the month, Diller hinted that the time to launch a new paid search network has come : Diller ultimately wants to transform from a second-tier search engine to a serious threat to Google. He is mulling the possibility of breaking away from Google’s highly profitable online advertising network after Ask Jeeves’ current contract expires in 2007 to launch a rival marketing system, building upon his years of media experience.

Given Ask Jeeves market share of the 4th largest search network and the power of the IAC Network, there is not much doubt in the search community that Ask Jeeves may pull this off by August 1st. Thanks to Steve Hall at AdRants for breaking this news on the August 1st release date.

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Ask Jeeves Rumored to Launch Paid Search Network on August 1st

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