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Ask Jeeves Paid Search To Rival Google & Yahoo

Ask Jeeves Paid Search To Rival Google & Yahoo

Ask Jeeves Paid Search To Rival Google & Yahoo

Ask Jeeves plans to launch their own version of a paid search advertising platform as early as today according to Dow Jones and various search engine marketing analysts. The new paid search advertising platform will be a larger revenue generator for Ask Jeeves than their current agreement with Google and may lead to Ask ending their contract with Google AdWords before the 2007 end date. The keyword based search advertising program is planned to be similar to Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing Offerings and will possibly be the 3rd largest self service Internet based search advertising interface – atleast until MSN AdCenter launches.

According to a DowJones report, two current Ask Jeeves advertisers have leaked that Ask plans to sell atleast three sponsored placements at the top of search results using an automated auction system. Currently Ask Jeeves only sells premier sponsored listings to larger advertisers who can buy a static pay per click placement for an extended period of time and relies on Google AdWords advertising to fill the rest of the sponsored listing space. From the DowJones report : ” According to the advertisers, Ask Jeeves will only display its own ads in the top spots – or above ads provided by Google – if they are more lucrative than Google’s ads. That value will be determined by both the advertisers’ bid price for keywords and the rate at which consumers click on their ads.”

While playing catch up with Google and Yahoo, Ask Jeeves also plans to syndicate its search listings on Dogpile, and Search123. There is no word if AskJeeves will also be offering its syndicated search results to smaller search engines and enter the market that SearchFeed and MyGeek have cornered. And let us not forget the driving force behind this new endeavour, IAC – Ask Jeeves’ parent company. When Ask Jeeves spins off its new search advertising offering do not be surprised when after it begins to take off and produce some sound revenue – Ask Jeeves Sponsored Search Results will be integrated into the IAC network on sites like Citysearch, Evite, Expedia,,,, ServiceMagic and Trip Advisor. Include Ask properties iWon, Excite, and MyWay into the mix and you’ll have Ask Jeeves sponsored search links on a rather large percent of the Internet – possibly enough to compete with Google, Yahoo and MSN.

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