Ask Jeeves Makes Sponsored Listings Available

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Ask Jeeves Makes Sponsored Listings Available

Ask Jeeves, Inc made its Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings search advertising program available to the public today. It was announced that Jeeves wasstarting the program last week at Search Engine Strategies, but their site gave a Coming Soon message to interested web marketers who wanted more information on the program. Needless to fear, the program is live and running and destined to become a part (along with Google, Yahoo or MSN) to most search engine marketing campaigns .

From the Ask Jeeves release : Available to existing Ask Jeeves advertisers since August 1st, Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings is a new search advertising product that allows advertisers to more effectively purchase, manage and optimize campaigns on Ask Jeeves ( and its advertising syndication network. Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings has replaced the Company’s Premier Listings product with an open-auction system that provides easier access for a diverse range of search advertisers. Advertisers will receive premier placement on Ask Jeeves above Google AdWords, which will also continue to be distributed on Ask Jeeves. Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings is available immediately at Notice the URL is and not Is this another clue that they will be killing off Jeeves?

The new paid search advertising platform will be a larger revenue generator for Ask Jeeves than their current agreement with Google and may lead to Ask ending their contract with Google AdWords before the 2007 end date. While playing catch up with Google and Yahoo, Ask Jeeves also plans to syndicate its search listings on Dogpile, and Search123. There is no word if AskJeeves will also be offering its syndicated search results to smaller search engines and enter the market that SearchFeed and MyGeek have cornered. And let us not forget the driving force behind this new endeavour, IAC – Ask Jeeves’ parent company.

Do not be surprised when after it begins to take off and produce some sound revenue – Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings will be integrated into the IAC network on sites like Citysearch, Evite, Expedia,,,, ServiceMagic and Trip Advisor. Include Ask properties iWon, Excite, and MyWay into the mix and you’ll have Ask Jeeves sponsored search links on a rather large percent of the Internet – possibly enough to compete with Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Wanna see for yourself what Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings has to offer? Check out the site live at

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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    Where do I find out what people in my position make? I am up for a raise.

  • Peter Hershberg

    While I think it’s very likely that AJ will ultimately cut all ties to the butler, I don’t believe the use of “” in their url has anything to do with that decision. AJ’s display ads (not to mention any previous print camapigns) have always featured the url.

  • Loren

    Good point Peter. What do you think of their other strong brands (ie. Excite) and their roles in rebranding (ie. Excite being a stronger brand name than

  • Peter Hershberg

    Pure speculation, but I suspect that they’ll simply go with a name along the lines of “Ask.” I don’t think there’s a chance that Jeeves will be attached to the name in anyway, nor do I think that they’ll try to build on the Excite name. There’s always the possibility that they try to rebrand the company altogether, but that can be very expensive. And given the number of brands AJ currently owns, it may be fairly confusing for consumers as well…

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