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Ask Jeeves’ Jim Lanzone Answers Search Questions

Ask Jeeves’ Jim Lanzone Answers Search Questions

Cre8asite Forums hosted a “live” Question and Answer session with Jim Lanzone, the Senior Vice President of Search Properties of Ask Jeeves, Inc. Barry Schwartz of the SERoundtable and moderator at various search oriented foruns, hosted the session on Cre8asite and helped to set up the event. Barry writes on SERoundtable that thismay be an ongoing thing for Jim.

There were some interesting questions asked in the forum thread – ranging from requests of insight into the Ask Jeeves / Teoma algorithm to Ask Jeeves plans of integration of tools brought under the Ask umbrella after their acquisition of companies like Excite, MyWay, eTour and Bloglines. The following are some questions which were answered in the thread “Live Q&A Session with Jim Lanzone, VP of Ask Jeeves“.

* Can you tell us a little about some of the operational challenges Ask faced in bringing some of these companies together? Things like different privacy policies on web sites, and company policies towards employees and customers, bringing together employees in different parts of the country, and so on. Some of the benefits that they have brought to Ask?

* Are there any plans to offer free web based email and IM from the site?

* Is Ask working towards, or planning to, pervading the individual consumer world by offering non-search related tools which will be used on a regular basis?

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Ask Jeeves’ Jim Lanzone Answers Search Questions

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