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Ask Jeeves Goes Desktop Search with Tukaroo

Ask Jeeves has followed up search engine acquisitions and the issuing of $400 million in stock offerings with the new aquisition of a desktop search technology firm Tukaroo. Tukaroo makes software that gives users desktop search capability covering the hard drive, local network and Internet. Terms of the deal were not disclosed by Ask Jeeves or Tukaroo.

With the Tukaroo acquisition, Ask Jeeves joins Google, Microsoft, and others in the quest to jump from web based to desktop based search.

DMNews reports:

Microsoft is preparing an all-in-one search capability in the release of the new version of its Windows operating system in 2006. Google also is reportedly working on a desktop search capability called Puffin. In March, Terra Lycos released HotBot Desktop, which searches hard drives and the Web.

Besides web search and desktop applications, Ask Jeeves has also gone the way of browser enhancement adware with its purchase earlier in the year of Interactive Search Holdings. Interactive Search Holdings was not only the umbrella company of Excite and iWon, but also offers desktop software and adware such as and, which come bundled with advertising targeted serving or a search toolbar.

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Ask Jeeves Goes Desktop Search with Tukaroo

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