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Ask Jeeves / Excite Boost Email Offerings

First Google GMail announced their 1GB of email storage space. Then Lycos joined in, launching a paid service with the same storage AND then along came Yahoo, with MSN’s Hotmail making their enhanced email storage announcement last night.

Now Ask Jeeves has gotten into the kick of things with their offering of 125 megabytes of free email storage on its three portal brands: My Way, Excite, and iWon. Nielsen NetRatings ranks Excite as the 6th largest email provider
in the United States.

In addition, Excite Gold users will get 2-gigabytes of storage, a capacity the company believes users see as virtually unlimited. My Way, iWon and Excite all became properties of Ask Jeeves Inc. in May 2004, when the company announced it had completed its acquisition of Interactive Search Holdings.

The new email offering will be available to users of My Way, iWon and Excite beginning in September. The upgrade in storage space will be automatic, so existing users will not have to make any changes to their account. In addition to the upgrade of storage space, Ask Jeeves will also make more than 1 million dormant email addresses available to new users.

“My Way, iWon and Excite all have extremely loyal users who deserve an email product that is as robust as any other on the market,” said Scott Garell, Executive Vice President and General Manager, US Sites for Ask Jeeves Inc. “The decision to offer our users a more compelling email product is the first step in committing Ask Jeeves’ resources to further build on the success of these brands.”

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Ask Jeeves / Excite Boost Email Offerings

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