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As the World’s Internet Population Grows to More than 1B, Google is Still No.1

As the World’s Internet Population Grows to More than 1B, Google is Still No.1

There are some interesting points that were revealed by the latest comScore statistics on the total global internet audience in December 2008. First, there are now more than 1 billion internet users age 15 and older who visit the web either from their home or work computers. And second, most of these users visit Google sites when they go online as Google emerge as the top internet property. Now time for some numbers.


According to the comScore report, the Asia-Pacific region got the highest number of Internet users with 41%. European users followed with their 28% share, North America with 18% share, Latin America with 7%, and the Middle Easy and Africa with 5% combined share of the total global internet users.

Interestingly, most of the Asia-Pacific region users are coming from China with a total number 0f 180 million Internet users in December 2008. This represents 18% of the total global Internet users. Chinese users are even greater than the American users with 16.2%. Contributing to the bigger share of the Asia-Pacific region in the total Internet users are countries such as Japan with 6% share, India with 3.7% and South Korea with 3.2%. But of course, this is pretty logical since if we are to take into consideration the demographics of each of these countries.

The other interesting point revealed by the comScore statistics of course is the fact that Google is still the number Internet Property worldwide. This is despite it’s not-so-impressive performance in  December 2008. Google Internet sites got 77% of the total eyeballs for December 2008, followed by Microsoft with 64.2%, and Yahoo with 55.8%.

Facebook which was recently put on the spotlight, thanks to its continously growing users which are now twice the size of rival MySpace landed on the seventh spot of the top Worldwide Internet Properties of December 2008. Rival MySpace meanwhile is nowhere in the top 20 Internet sites.



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As the World’s Internet Population Grows to More than 1B, Google is Still No.1

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