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We are trying a new strategy for our weekly recaps. I am going to be looking on Twitter for really great articles to post in our recap each week. You can send me your links and keep the great articles coming. The articles are posted below are fantastic!


Google Maps On Right Side Of Web Results

How I Found 400 Qualified Link Prospects In Eight Minutes

The Importance of Split Testing a Prospect Conversion System

60 SEO tips & Online Marketing techniques for ecommerce Websites

Google’s free Page Speed Online tool has graduated from Google Labs.

How to Create a Custom 404 Page

Local SEO Is Like Real Estate: Location, Location, Location

Are You Tracking All That Happens on Your Website?

Will Google Think I’m a “Scraper”?

Google & Bing Disagree On Rel=Canonical Implementation

Online Marketing

9 Lessons I Learned from Running a Sweepstakes

The Importance of Formatting Your Content for the Web

Social Media

No Fun League? No Longer! The NFL Is Now Embracing Social Media

Putting social media to work

– Is Social Too Hard For Most Businesses?

Why Facebook fans are useless

How to Optimize 7 Popular Social Media Profiles for SEO

18 Minutes a Day to Social Media Time Management

5 Cool Twitter Search Tricks To Monitor What People Are Saying About You


Ultimate list of PPC advertising tools

The 10 Cardinal Sins of Paid Search Marketing


Local SEO Checklist for New Sites

Google Answers Question About Spelling and Grammar and Site Quality

What steps can I take to diagnose a drop in ranking?


Does The FairSearch White Paper On Google Being Anticompetitive Hold Up?


Google Engineer Publishes, Then Deletes Opinionated Google+ Rant

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