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Apple Puts New iPod Photos On the Market

Apple Puts New iPod Photos On the Market

Apple today updated its iPod photo collection by introducing a new slim 30GB model, which holds up to 7,500 songs, for $349 and a new 60GB model, which can store up to 15,000 songs, for $449. Both models hold up to 25,000 digital photos and will feature the ability to import photos from a digital camera via the new iPod Camera Connector.

“The new slim 30GB iPod photo at just $349 lets music lovers enjoy their iPod in full color, including album artwork along with their personal photo library,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “And now you can import photos from your digital camera directly into iPod photo with the optional iPod Camera Connector.”

Apple also cut prices on other iPod lines, the iPod shuffle is now priced at $99 (512MB) and $149 (1GB), the new iPod mini players at $199 (4GB) and $249 (6GB), the iPod at $299 (20GB) and the updated iPod photo devices at $349 (30GB) and $449 (60GB). (thanks DV Hardware)

The new iPod Camera Connector is an optional accessory that enables customers to connect their digital camera to iPod photo and import their photos into the iPod. Imported photos are immediately viewable on iPod photo’s crisp color screen, and can also be brought back to iPhoto on the Mac or various photo applications on the PC. The iPod Camera Connector is expected to be available in late March for $29.

Apple’s iTunes has led the way for ecommerce enabled multimedia music search engines over the past year (with Napster, Yahoo Music Match and MSN Music Store sneaking up on them) and if the popularity of items like VideoNow and JuiceBox over the holiday season is any sign, the iPod Photo may soon be followed up by a total video enabled multi-media player from Apple. Can Apple iTunes handle on demand video download?

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Apple Puts New iPod Photos On the Market

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