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Apple iTunes Motorola Phone Details

Apple iTunes Motorola Phone Details

More details on the Apple iPod Motorola phone (iPhone?) have been unleashed as Apple and Motorola reportedly are expected to announce their new partnership and product on Wednesday. The new iTunes enabled Motorola phone will be marketed and sold via Cingular wireless.

The new iTunes phone, name yet to be leaked, will be available with the choice of two versions; 256 MB and 512 MB. The 256 MB version will be ableto store about 70 songs while the 512 MB iTunes phone will hold around 140. Owners will have two choices of music downloading, transferring songs from their iTunes library on their computer to the phone or downloading a song directly from Cingular for a fee of $2.00 per song.

Originally it was thought that the iTunes phone would not have the capacity to download directly via a wireless network. However, such a lack of service would open the market for cell phones that can do so (expect similar products with Yahoo, MSN, and Napster partnerships to launch).

Since the launch of Apple iTunes, the music download market has changed substancially with pay per download and subscripton services. In turn, the major search engines and portals (sem Google) have also found a profitable business model to capitalize on and integrate into various search and portal application offerings. The ‘iPhone’ will also open up a new market to Apple and its search oriented competition.

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Apple iTunes Motorola Phone Details

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