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Apple iTunes and Sony Clash in Japan

Apple iTunes and Sony Clash in Japan

This week Apple iTunes made huge news in the opening of their iTunes Japan store which hit record downlods sales in four days. Given the Japanese appreciation for the musical arts, love of shopping, and ever agile mobility, it is no surprise what-so-ever that Apple’s iTunes has hit a home run with one million downloads in four days since opening the Japanese iTunes store.

Apple is going head to head against Sony in Japan, and although there are more Sony Digital Music players sold in the country, with good marketing iPods may be the “Mister Donuts” of the Japanese digital music market. Needless to say, Sony is not happy. About 15 Japanese record labels have signed up to iTunes, however, Sony Music Entertainment is not signing up with Apple.

Given the instant popularity of Apple iTunes Japan, BusinessWeek reports that some Sony artists are trying other methods to get their songs indexed in the Apple iTunes Japan listings :

“Japanese musicians under contract with Sony and other labels that haven’t joined Apple’s iTunes Music Store are starting to defy their recording companies and trying to get their music on the popular download service launched last week in Japan. At least one artist has already gone against his label to offer his songs on iTunes. And a major agency that manages Japanese musicians said Wednesday it was interested in a possible deal with Apple Computer Inc., regardless of the recording companies’ positions.”

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Apple iTunes and Sony Clash in Japan

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