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AOL VOIP : AIM Phoneline Offers Free Local Numbers

AOL VOIP : AIM Phoneline Offers Free Local Numbers

AOL will be launching a VOIP service which is tied to its AIM messenger program which will give AOL’s AIM users a free local phoneline. Speaking of phonelines, that’s what AOL is naming the service; AIM Phoneline.

No fancy names for AOL like AOL Talk or AOL VOIP, ‘Phoneline’ easily gets the point across that the new VOIP service is not an alternative to using the traditional phonelines, AIM Phoneline’s goal is to become the user’s main line of communication.

USAToday reports that AOL will be offering a more feature filled subscription system, AIM Phoneline Unlimited, which will offer calls to all local and long-distance numbers and 30 foreign countries for $14.95 a month.

AOL is looking for the support of their younger users, AIM enjoys 80 million registered users, to drive the launch and adaptation. Young users, that is, who have forgotten what a traditional telephone is and do the bulk of their communication via cell phones, instant messaging, or by using AOL rivals such as Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, or eBay’s Skype to perform their VOIP needs.

AOL says that their AIM Phoneline service is more robust that Google’s, Yahoo’s or Skype’s with their local phone numbers, 911 services, AIM buddylist integration and reputations (to label telemarketers, call spammers and weirdos).

Not to mention the capability to integrate Ingenio Pay Per Call into the AOL AIM Phoneline system. AOL was one of the first major Internet destinations to serve Pay-Per-Call search ads in their locally targeted portal.

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AOL VOIP : AIM Phoneline Offers Free Local Numbers

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