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AOL Understands Search Engines

AOL Understands Search Engines

AOL Understands Search Engines

AOL understands web search, regardless of the absence of their own search engine. During his presentation on Search Convergence today at the Search Engine Strategies conference, Gerry Campbell, VP & GM of AOL Search & Navigation centered his oratory on the theory that users are taking control of their information and search is the fundamental tool for navigating the digital life.

Part of that understand of search entails the ability to offer a solid and usability focused local search offering. “Local is critical since people live their lives in a physical place.” Gerry told the packed ballroom while sharing the stage with the likes of Yahoo, Google and Ask.

AOL has recently launched their localized search function in conjunction with, Ingenio and other AOL partners. Campbell mentioned that AOL will be launching a Pay-Per-Call paid search offering this April, which will be powered by Ingenio. FindWhat is currently running an Ingenio partnered Pay-Per-Call advertising option which is helping to lead the way in a convergence of innovative search. “Advertising is facilitating this great expansion in search.” Campbell added.

Even through like Amazon’s A9, AOL’s web search results are powered by Google, they have formed strong partnerships and have developed innovative informational search tools and shortcuts which have allowed AOL to come into their own.

AOL has also integrated Images and Audio/Video search results into its search offering after AOL’s acquisition of SingingFish last year. One example of this function is the AOL Snapshot which offers an informational image, stock quotes and purchasing/entertainment information for specific product and life oriented search terms.

Campbell also outlined these four important factors in the Convergence of Search:

* Structured Content and Metadata

* Content Management and Federation Capabilities

* Template and Feed Generated Publishing

* Local and Personal Search

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AOL Understands Search Engines

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