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AOL Search Marketplace : AOL-Only Google AdWords

Today AOL Search is beginning to sell their ‘AOL only’ Google AdWords via their white labled AOL Search Marketplace. These ad buys will be targeted specifically to AOL users and the advertising interface is build upon the Google AdWords technology.

AOL Search Marketplace uses a white-label version of Google AdWords, providing advertisers the ability to buy search advertising that solely targets the AOL Search audience on the AOL Client applications and

This service uses the same best-of-breed functionality, features and reporting that advertisers have come to expect from Google AdWords. Until now, advertisers did not have the ability to segment and optimize traffic coming from AOL.

It will be interesting to see what kind of market segmentation AOL brings to the AdWords buying experience such as targeted demographics and channel targeting.

“Our advertising clients have told us they wanted the ability to target their search advertising to users of AOL Search, and now with AOL Search Marketplace we can offer this service,” said Mike Kelly, President, AOL Media Networks. “We have found that there is a significant impact when search and display campaigns are coordinated. The addition of the AOL Search Marketplace enables us to offer advertisers end-to-end solutions, everything from AOL to our industry leading third-party display network to video advertising and performance ads. This will let marketers better coordinate their advertising, and build greater efficiencies into their campaigns, with AOL.”

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AOL Search Marketplace : AOL-Only Google AdWords

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