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AOL OpenRide Desktop Application

AOL OpenRide Desktop Application

AOL is heading in a new direction with the launch today of OpenRide, a desktop application which integrates AOL email search, instant messaging, web search and AOL media. Although the technology behind the app may not be groundbreaking, OpenRide’s inclusiveness is.

The launch of OpenRide is a symbol for the AOL company and its recent U-turn which addresses a more web savvy audience who would have been an AOL flight threat last year. Instead of keeping these loyal AOL users trapped in a walled garden which only adds to their temptation of experiencing the wealth of knowledge outside of those walls, AOL is now taking the drivers seat to navigate the entire Internet along side of its users. Hence, OpenRide.

With its ‘quad-view’ four pane design AOL hopes that its OpenRide software will enhance and simplify the web browsing experience with a Browser Pane, Media Center Pane, Email Pane and AIM People Pane. The Google powered AOL search box, of course, is always in full view.

From AOL:

OpenRide is more than just a browser. The dynamic four-pane design will help save you time with these great new features:

* Time-saving features like tabbed browsing, thumbnail previews, and sneak peeks of emails and attachments.
* A new all-in-one Media Center that lets you enjoy video, music and pictures faster and with less hassles.
* Access your pop3 emails from the OpenRide Mail pane. Each of your email accounts are kept in separate folders, and you don’t have to sign in to each account to switch back and forth to manage them all.
* The panes in OpenRide automatically resize to your current activity. However, you can also resize them with the Dynasizer™ tool so you’re always in control of your online experience.

A sure sign of such openness is the ability for OpenRide users to use the system in relation to their GMail or Yahoo Mail accounts. In doing so, AOL can keep users interested in the AOL core offerings of Instant Messaging, Media and Communities even if those users are apt to stray to competitive mail or even searching services.

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AOL OpenRide Desktop Application

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