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AOL Internet Phone Service (VoIP) Launches

AOL Internet Phone Service (VoIP) Launches

AOL Internet Phone Service (VoIP) Launches

AOL is bringing VoIP to its network of Internet users with a low cost alternative to traditional phone services. AOL Internet Phone Service rolled out today as a legitimate competitor to VoIP services such as Vonage and also long distance companies such as Verizon. AOL describes AOL Internet Phone Service as an enhanced Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service that offers current and new AOL members a valuable new choice for all of their voice, e-mail and instant messaging communications needs.

Today AOL introduced AOL Internet Phone Service to over 40 markets across the United States, the first phase of a nationwide rollout that will continue to additional cities over the coming months. The Internet communications service will offer cost-saving pricing over traditional telephone service and an enhanced suite of integrated voice and online messaging features.

Features include Full Enhanced 911 (E-911) calling coverage in all of the markets targeted for the initial rollout of the AOL Internet Phone Service. E-911 helps deliver a user’s address-specific information in the event of an emergency. In the past VoIP users have had problems accessing local 911 numbers since VoIP is transmitted over a Broadband ISP and not local phone systems.

Jon Miller, Chairman and CEO, America Online, Inc., said, “The AOL Internet Phone Service will uniquely combine advanced tools, competitive pricing plans and AOL’s hallmark ease of use to allow mass-market consumers to take full advantage of the revolution underway in Internet voice technology. Our enhanced suite of features will provide not only cost savings, but also the opportunity to organize, access and direct the full range of online and offline communications — including voice, e-mail, instant messaging and phone/address book — with one convenient service.”

Recently Yahoo and Google have also been rumored to be involved in developing and partnering with VoIP services.

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AOL Internet Phone Service (VoIP) Launches

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