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AOL Enhancing Video Search with Hi-Q Video & Truveo Integration

AOL Enhancing Video Search with Hi-Q Video & Truveo Integration

AOL this week is updating its AOL Video Search with key features like the inclusion of AOL Hi-Q Videos (DVD-quality) in the video index and the integration of video search technology from Truveo (AOL acquired Truveo in December 2005). AOL says that they are also continuing to refine the relevancy and recency of results and will make enhancements on an on-going basis.

Truveo has pioneered a new technology called “Visual Crawling” for finding video on the Web. With this technology, AOL Video Search says that it “will be able to find and index all of the great high-quality video on the Web that traditional search engines have never been able to find.” Currently AOL has over 1.8 million videos indexed through Truveo and 2.5 million videos from the Inernet indexed through AOL’s Singingfish search engine. AOL Video has an existing archive of 20,000+ original and licensed videos.

More from AOL on the integration of Truveo into AOL VIDEO : “We believe the integration of Truveo’s powerful technology will firmly establish AOL Video Search as the go-to destination to find and discover online video content. As the amount of video content available on the Web explodes and as users continue to consume online videos at a record pace, AOL Video Search will continually evolve to meet the growing needs of online consumers.”

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AOL Enhancing Video Search with Hi-Q Video & Truveo Integration

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