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AOL Announces its Blogging Software for Millions of AOL Members

AOL has unveiled its blogging solution to a select group within the blogging community and unfortunately, Search Engine Journal was not invited. But, fortunately, we can report on this happening with info from what others are saying about AOL Blogging.

However, as we’ve touched on before.. blogs and search engines get along just fine when it comes to rankings, and this may be interesting to our audience!

The product is what you would expect from AOL — solid, good looking, easy to use. Its strengths and weaknesses are AOL’s strengths and weaknesses — Read on at Social Software’s Review on the New AOL Blogging

From CBS MarketWatch:

AOL’s tools for users appear to be pretty good, according to Jeff Jarvis, one of those invited to the off-the-record session in New York. He commented on the meeting, he said, because one of the AOL team has already blogged about the plans. The AOL Time Warner (AOL: news, chart, profile) unit is expected to release its blog technology later this year.

While blogs are also Web pages, the software used to create them makes them as easy to update as it is to write an e-mail.

Jarvis said the most impressive feature of the AOL blog tools is that users will be able to update online pages using the company’s instant messenger technology. “That elicited many oohs from the room,” he wrote in his report of the meeting at

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AOL Announces its Blogging Software for Millions of AOL Members

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