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Anti-Spyware Coalition Defines Spyware Guidelines

Anti-Spyware Coalition Defines Spyware Guidelines

The Anti-Spyware Coalition (ASC), an alliance of technology companies and public interest groups, unveiled its final, consensus definition of spyware, which was developed by coalition members including major anti-spyware companies, software developers and public interest groups. The definitions were further shaped by almost 400 comments submitted by organizations and individuals. The final document will serve as the foundation for all of the coalition’s future anti-spyware efforts.

The coalition announced the first of those efforts today: an ASC “risk modeling” document that outlines the criteria anti-spyware vendors use to determine whether to identify a piece of software as “spyware.” Doing so will help users better understand how the products that protect their computers work, as well as offering anti-spyware companies guidelines for their own proprietary rating processes, but still keeping a robust marketplace for anti-spyware technologies.

“Thanks to the exceptional commitment of the organizations and companies that formed the ASC, we’ve accomplished a great deal in a short amount of time,” said Ari Schwartz, Associate Director of the Center for Democracy and Technology, which has led the work of the group. “The spyware definitions give those of us united in the battle against spyware a common language, while the risk-modeling document clearly lays out the behaviors that make certain software dangerous. These developments move us closer to a world in which consumers have the upper hand over those who create malicious, unwanted technology.

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Anti-Spyware Coalition Defines Spyware Guidelines

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