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Anti-Router Stops Google Glass From Connecting to Wi-Fi Networks

Those who are paranoid about being spied on by things like drones, security cameras, hidden microphones, or Google Glass will now have some peace of mind.

The Verge reports that there’s now a new little device on the market called Cyborg Unplug. Stick Cyborg Unplug into a power outlet and it will sound an alarm whenever surveillance device such as the ones listed above enters the vicinity of your home.

Cyborg Unplug also gives you the ability to prevent those devices from connecting to your Wi-Fi network. If you really have something against Glass users, you can take it a step further by preventing all surveillance devices near Cyborg Unplug from connecting to any Wi-Fi network.

Cyborg Unplug is being described as a tiny router the size of an old Apple Airport Express. The unique abilities underneath the hood come from the device having its firmware customized to sniff out and block devices based on their MAC addresses.

The device was created by Julian Oliver, an artist living in Berlin who first got started by creating a bit of code called The code was designed to kick Google Glass devices from your Wi-Fi network. The idea was so successful that Olivier decided to make it into a consumer product.

The feature that prevents surveillance devices from connecting to any Wi-fi network in the area, called the “All Out Mode”, is likely illegal. Oliver is careful to note this on the product’s website and advises against using that mode.

However, even if the Cyborg Unplug prevents someone’s device from connecting to Wi-Fi, it doesn’t do anything to stop the device from recording video or audio data offline. The Cyborg Unplug will be available soon for $50 to $100.

What do you think about this device? Is it an indication that there’s a lot of resentment against devices like Google Glass? If you’re a Glass users I’d love to know how you feel about it, so please leave a comment!

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Anti-Router Stops Google Glass From Connecting to Wi-Fi Networks

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