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Answers.com Acquires Brainboost AI “Answer Extraction” Search Engine Technology

Answers.com Acquires Brainboost AI “Answer Extraction” Search Engine Technology

Answers.com Acquires Brainboost AI “Answer Extraction” Search Engine Technology

Answers Corporation, creators of the Answers.com have acquired Brainboost Technology, LLC for $4 million in cash and 439,000 shares of restricted stock, including certain price protection rights. Answers.com plans to integrate the Brainboost answer extraction engine – artificial intelligence technology enabling natural language search – into its own product line. Mr. Assaf Rozenblatt, developer of the Brainboost proprietary technology, has joined the Answers.com team as Director of Natural Language Research.

Brainboost works by scouring digital content and extracting candidate answers to natural language queries. It then ranks those candidate answers heuristically and displays the highest-confidence results in simple English form.

“Answers.com is already the best place on the web to find answers to ‘Who is…’ and ‘What is…’ questions,” explained Bob Rosenschein, CEO of Answers Corporation. “By combining Brainboost’s answer extraction engine with our own technologies and our collection of over a million and a half topics from authoritative sources, we believe we’ll become the best place on the web for a far broader class of English-language questions. This strategic acquisition will dramatically accelerate our time to market on this critical next step in realizing Answers.com’s mission.”

Assaf Rozenblatt, Brainboost’s founder and CTO, added, “Artificial intelligence is the key to the next generation of search and critical to creating the more intuitive user experience that people expect. The advances we have made in natural language query analysis can be harnessed to transform, at last, the way people find information on the Web. There could be no better home for this innovative technology than a product called Answers.com.”


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