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Another GMail Notifier: GMNotifier

Another GMail Notifier: GMNotifier

Google already released their own version of GMail notifier. However, people find it to be pretty basic. So, the market of unofficial notifiers is still hot. And here is another one of those nifty utilities that makes GMail more fun than it already is! What is different between the official and this notifier? Well, there are good points and the bad points.

First the good points. It let you set the time interval of delays between the checks of GMail, which GMail Notifier does not do. So, if you get few mails per day, you can set it to a larger interval of time. Google’s official notifier reportedly checks the mail every 2 minutes. Also, noticeable is the fact that this notifier has a better-looking mail preview and along with any new mails, you also get to see some of the recent mails in the preview window. This feature itself can come very handy at times.

Now, what I did not like about the software… The software is written in C# .NET 1.1 so requires .NET framework 1.1 which itself can be a pretty heavy download. And as per my information does not support older operating systems. Also, the memory consumption like all other .Net applications is on the higher side.

GMNotifier: Download | Screenshot | Website

Sushubh Mittal is the technical consultant for SEJ and Blog at Software Journal.

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Another GMail Notifier: GMNotifier

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